ADD Item Screen Help

  1. Go Live Time/Expiry Date(Day) : This is the time when your Ad will go live. By default it will be the time when you are creating the Ad and if you do not change it, your Ad will go live immediately and it will be showing until the end of the day. if you chose any future date your Ad will start showing 7 days prior to the date you set in the future. For an example if you set a date in 30 days from now your Ad will not go to the Live Ads until 23rd Day from now.
  2. Ad Title : This is very important information and the search functionality is based on this title information. So try to keep the search title simple and use the general nouns those you think your local audience will be searching for.
  3. Sell it or Swap it : You have two options one is “Sell it” means you would like to get paid for your service. Second one is “Swap it”, choose this one if you would like to swap your task with somebody such as you cut somebody’s grass and they will give a tuition to your kids in return.
  4. Description: Describe your skill, service or item so that people can understand what you are looking for. Try to keep it short and add  any further contact details  such as email, Whats APP contact,  Facebook profile etc.
  5. Ad Image : Ad Image is not required but it is always a good idea if you can show some visual proof of your service etc. and it attracts more audience.

To Go back to your App please use the back button in Android device and for iOS Back button will be at the very top of the screen at left hand side corner.