How do I log in to the SwapMyTask App

  1. Install your App on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Open the App by clicking the SwapMyTask App Icon.
  3. Use your email Id and Password.(Please ensure that your own the email address you are entering as username)
  4. After you are successfully authenticated by Facebook, you will be presented with a User Profile screen.
  5. In User Profile add your Display name, your Phone Number and click at location icon to add your location. (each of these three inputs are important to proceed further)
  6. Once you have entered the required information Save button in the User Profile screen will be active and now you can save your profile to start adding and view the tasks in your local area.

Why all screens are empty?

If you just had logged in, it is possible that you are the first one to use the Swap My Task app, please start adding some tasks by clicking Add Item button in your history tab.

If you logged in first time and you did not complete the User Profile or by any other reason your user profile is incomplete, please complete your user profile by providing all the information on the screen and press save button.

User Profile information is very important and has to be completed before you can have access to other functionalities in the App.

How to report anti social behavior ?

We have zero tolerance policy for anti social behavior.  Please click at the report button underneath the task and we will deal with the situation. In many countries there is a  constitution to deal with this situation please go ahead and make a legal complaint and we will provide the information about the culprit on request. Our aim is to construct a healthy community and no matter where you are based. So please let it keep clean.

Why my uploaded image seems to be cropped ?

In order to show the tasks on various devices so that everybody get same look and feel of your task we crop the images to our standard image guidelines. The best way you can deal with it is try to keep your main activity in the center of the image while you are creating the image or taking the photograph.

Why do you need my location?

We do need your location in order to show you the tasks related to your local area and use your location when your add new task as each task has a location assigned to it.

Why my Task does appear on the live feed ?

In order to keep the live feed clutter free we are using following guidelines:

  1. Live feed will show all the Tasks with in 5 Kilometers radius and when user searches it will show results up to 45 Kilometers radius.
  2. If you add a task today and go live date/time is today this task will only display for whole day today and it will not appear in the live feed tomorrow or any other day.
  3. If you add a task and go live date is in future, in that case if go live date is within 7 days from today the task will appear in the live feed immediately otherwise it will appear in the live feed 7 days prior to go live date in the future.
  4. When you edit or add your task you can see by looking at go live icon whether your task will be showing in the live feed or not.

Why location button does not get my location?

It is usual that you click at location button and it does not get your location immediately. This is due to the location device within your phone cannot get the accurate location reason being your are indoors or your are in a very deep down basement area. Please try to press this button again while your are near a window or outdoors.

ADD Item Screen Help

  1. Go Live Time/Expiry Date(Day) : This is the time when your Ad will go live. By default it will be the time when you are creating the Ad and if you do not change it, your Ad will go live immediately and it will be showing until the end of the day. if you chose any future date your Ad will start showing 7 days prior to the date you set in the future. For an example if you set a date in 30 days from now your Ad will not go to the Live Ads until 23rd Day from now.
  2. Ad Title : This is very important information and the search functionality is based on this title information. So try to keep the search title simple and use the general nouns those you think your local audience will be searching for.
  3. Sell it or Swap it : You have two options one is “Sell it” means you would like to get paid for your service. Second one is “Swap it”, choose this one if you would like to swap your task with somebody such as you cut somebody’s grass and they will give a tuition to your kids in return.
  4. Description: Describe your skill, service or item so that people can understand what you are looking for. Try to keep it short and add  any further contact details  such as email, Whats APP contact,  Facebook profile etc.
  5. Ad Image : Ad Image is not required but it is always a good idea if you can show some visual proof of your service etc. and it attracts more audience.

To Go back to your App please use the back button in Android device and for iOS Back button will be at the very top of the screen at left hand side corner.

User Profile Screen Help

  1. Your Display Name: This is a required field and please enter your display name such your name or your business name.
  2. Your Contact Number: This is not required to just view the Ads, but if you are planing to Advertise your Ads, then please enter your phone number here. Otherwise it will make it difficult for people to contact you. We do not disclose your phone number to anybody unless you post an Advertisement and it will only be used until the your Ad is live, as soon your Ad is expired nobody can contact you using the App.
  3. Your Location: This is a required field and in order to start using the App you will have to provide this information. Similar to contact number this information will be disclosed to public through your live Ad other than that no other App user can access your location. We need your location so that we can show you the Ads with in your area. One we get the location successfully you can view your location on the map using the “Tap to View Your Location” option on the screen.
  4. Your Profile Image: If you would like you can Add your image such as your business logo or your face image so that people in the area can recognize you.
  5. Please do not forget to press the Save button to save your user profile.


To Go back to your App please use the back button in Android device and for iOS Back button will be at the very top of the screen at left hand side corner.