Why my Task does appear on the live feed ?

In order to keep the live feed clutter free we are using following guidelines:

  1. Live feed will show all the Tasks with in 5 Kilometers radius and when user searches it will show results up to 45 Kilometers radius.
  2. If you add a task today and go live date/time is today this task will only display for whole day today and it will not appear in the live feed tomorrow or any other day.
  3. If you add a task and go live date is in future, in that case if go live date is within 7 days from today the task will appear in the live feed immediately otherwise it will appear in the live feed 7 days prior to go live date in the future.
  4. When you edit or add your task you can see by looking at go live icon whether your task will be showing in the live feed or not.